Il nostro invito a una preghiera comune per il Solstizio raccolto dai fratelli pagani d’Europa

I Salii, sacerdoti danzanti, trasportano gli scudi Ancili
I Salii, sacerdoti danzanti, trasportano gli scudi Ancili

Dear Pagan Brother, as the proposal in Rome, last april 2018, we gathered and we identified a common prayer for the summer Solstice, as we proposed at the Ecer Congress in Rome.

We could all agree the proposal and recite the prayer all together on Saturday the 23th of June, at noon – as there will probably be already some rituals planned at that day.

In this way a strong common energy will emanate upwards.

We have chosen a true prayer, which has more strength and is generic enough to be able to adapt to other realities as well.

This is the Carmen Saliare, a very ancient anthem that was recited in the rituals of the Salii, the jumping priests. The hymn, in archaic Latin, is dedicated to the Sun and to Janus: infact the Solstices in Rome were under the patronage of Janus, god of the golden age, god of the beginnings and god of the passages. The Carmen has been handed down to us by Marco Terenzio Varrone (De Lingua Latina, chapter VII, 26-27).

Here are the two versions, in English and in archaic Latin. In English version we added the last line, to close the invocation.

Sing the Father of the Gods

Supplicate the God of the Gods:

Oh Sun, rise to the World!

Rise at the Heaven’s doors, oh You who open!

You’re the Kind Ianitor,

You are the Good Ianes*,

You are the Beneficial Maker,

We sing Thy power and You be propitious to our Community

(*) If you want, you can change the name “Ianes” with that of your Divinity










(Fonte:  G.B. Pighi,  La poesia religiosa romana,  Forlì – 2007,  pag. 38 e 39)


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