A Travel Toward Neoplatonic Mysticism. A philosophical itinerary (VI part).

Aristotle’s Metaphysics: ousiology and theology. In the previous article we have introduced Aristotle’s Metaphysics and its division in four disciplines: etiology (search of the first causes), ontology, ousiology, and theology. As we have already treated the first two, in this article we complete this introduction to Aristotle’s Metaphysics introducing ousiology and theology. Ousiology Let’s present […]

A Travel Toward Neoplatonic Mysticism. Aristotile’s etiology and ontology (V)

Plato was a great visionary, a revolutionary of philosophy, a valiant captain crossing the Ocean of Knowledge. He dared to leave the natural philosophy of the perceptible world and to reach the verticality of the world of forms. He understood that earlier philosophy was not dealing with reality, but with an incomplete and deluding representation […]

A Travel Toward Neoplatonic Mysticism. From Omero to Proclo (IV)

Theology is a kind of afterthought of the divine using a philosophical approach. The religious sphere is interpreted under the light of reason, of logos, in a philosophical way. The philosophy of Plato and his followers analyzed critically the ancient mythology and generated a new understanding of divinity through theology. This article introduces the first […]

The Greek State has recognized the Hhellenic Ethnic Religion. Interview with Rassias

The Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (Ysee), the religious organization that works to restore the ancient Greek polytheist religion, received from the Greek government, in April, the legal status for its worship activities. This has happened after years of struggles and a first denial, in 2015. The pronunciation is from the Ministry of Education and […]

A Travel Toward Neoplatonic Mysticism. A philosophical itinerary (II)

Before proceeding with other great figures of Ancient Philosophy, it is worth to make some more considerations on the epochal change introduced by Plato, a new understanding of the world that is still today challenging the post-modern materialism. It is undeniable that the great achievements of the scientific method have had a huge positive impact […]

E.C.E.R. issues statement on indigenous resistance at Standing Rock

The European Congress of Ethnic Religions, with members in 23 nations of Europe, wish to express our support for our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters of North America, in their struggle to preserve their sacred waters and their ancestral lands at Standing Rock, North Dakota, U.S.A. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an environmental disaster waiting to […]

The MTR takes part in the European Congress of Ethnic Religions. The chronicle

Four full days – spent between public meetings, ceremonies, private sessions and cultural visits to significant places of paganism – have marked the fifteenth European Congress of ethnic  religions held 14 to 17 July 2016 Prague. The Roman Traditional Movement participated with a delegation including the president Daniele Liotta, the deputy Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi and […]